Salem Portrait Photographer | Brown Eyed & Carefree.

This little guy was my youngest son's first friend. 
They met before my son was even a year old (he is nearing 7 now).
I babysat this fine lad when he was a toddler 
and we had many fun adventures. 
Although his family lives halfway around the world (okay, it's not even halfway across the country, but it feels like it's halfway around the world!), we make an effort to see them every year. My son and I were fortunate enough to travel to New Mexico to visit and 
photograph him this past summer!

I love his big brown eyes. Always have. 

I get funny faces from him every year and I love it.

You know, just rocking out on his stick guitar, in the middle of the 
square in Santa Fe. Oh to be this carefree!

I am pretty sure this was not a grumpy face, but rather a 
contemplative face. I just love his profile. 

You have to love the tooth gap. It screams SEVEN YEARS OLD to me. 

Mr. Serious.

Or not.

I am insanely jealous of his lashes. People always say that boys have the best lashes, but I assure you...he got them from his mother. 

I am not even sure what it is about this photo that I love so much, but I feel like his eyes tell a story and I swear I get a shot like this (unintentionally) every year. Look at those perfect lips (also from his mom), freckles spattered across his nose, and the perfect shape of his face. He's not smiling. He's not frowning. He's not doing anything...except telling a story with  his eyes. 

Until next year, Mr. H!
Click click misses you!


  1. This cheered my heart forever. I. Adore. You.

  2. Also, I'm pretty excited that you mentioned me in those Very flattering terms. Made me feel beautiful. You're incredible.

  3. What an adorable guy! I love how serious he is one second and then goofy the next. Also the tooth gap is totally a 7 year old thing! I love all of these, not sure how I'd pick my favorite if I was mom.

  4. He's a doll! LOVE the gappy tooth grin!


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