Portland Wedding Photographer | Gorgeous Fall Wedding

I'm sure you are thinking, "Fall? Uh, it's almost summer!" 
This is true. 
I am, however, a little behind with my blogging and am just now posting images from this gorgeous October Commitment Ceremony. 

Um, yeah, I was SO excited when I saw the shoes!

If I hadn't been busy taking photos, I would have been on the dance floor because their music was AWESOME and totally up my alley. 


Salem Children's Photographer | Toddler Mini Session

Little Stella is a tough cookie and makes me WORK for photos. 
It is, of course, totally worth it! Look at her adorable face!


Portland Head Shots Photographer | Vintage Style

I just love Miss J's vintage style! 
I had a great time taking some non traditional shots mixed in with her head shots.


Portland Family Photographer | Awesome Urban Girls!

I normally don't show this many images on a blog post, but there were just too many  that I loved! I adore this family so so much. I've known them since the oldest daughter was 10 months old (she's 9 now)! I even got to witness the birth of the younger daughter (who is now 7)!! And those of you who have had boudoir sessions...yes, this is one of my stylists! 

We did this session in the fall in downtown Portland. It was so fun and all three of these amazing gals are ridiculously full of personality (not that I need to say this...just look at the photos!)