Miss E in a white dress {Part 1}

I was fortunate enough to photograph Miss E again,
after the weather warmed up a tad.
This girl is so photogenic, it's not even funny.
She is only 9, but she knows exactly what to do in front of the camera and she loves every minute of it! Her camera shy mother was kind enough to hold the reflector for us during this session, but Miss E would not let her peek around it to see her posing. It was so funny!

This is only part 1, as we shot part 2 in a different location
on a separate days. So, more to come soon!


Happy 5th Birthday, Miss A!

Yep, Miss A just turned 5 and she's about the
cutest little girl I've ever met!
I love when kids are missing some front teeth.
It just makes for the cutest photos!