Portland Wedding Photographer | Simple & Elegant Backyard Wedding

What a beautiful backyard wedding this was!

You would never know, by the smile on the bride's face, that it was raining up until just a few minutes before the ceremony (literally)!

A lot of effort was put in by family and friends to make this day happen, and the details were no exception. From the flowers to the chalkboard signs, to the food. It was all just beautiful!

Oh boy...these vows were so touching! Not only did the bride and groom cry, but I think just about everyone in attendance was moved to tears as well. Their love is definitely strong and everyone could feel it. 

Okay, this was just so cute! I don't think the groom even thought about it. He just raised their hands, like he'd won the most special prize in the word! She couldn't help but giggle about it. 

I am guessing her cheeks hurt the next day because she was smiling and laughing all day. Truly. 

I was so lucky to catch this sweet moment between the bride and her grandmother. It was very bitter sweet, as her grandfather (her husband) was not able to be there and passed away shortly after the wedding. 


Portland Film Photographer | One seriously awesome kid!

I love it when kids are confident and have style. I love it even more when they're also awesome on the inside and this girl most certain is!

She is smart, creative, funny, and so generous and kind.

Her family recently had an emergency situation occur at their 
home and while the adults were trying to assess the situation and decide what to do, she'd already found a phone and dialed 911. 
I think it's safe to say she'll go far! 

I had a great time photographing her in downtown 
Portland with some expired 35mm film. 


Salem Photographer | Kickin' up dust in New Mexico.

A captured this last week in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
A car drove through some dirt, which just happened to get highlighted by the sun rays peeking through some trees. 
I was so happy to have had my camera with me!


World Breastfeeding Week!

To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, which ends today, I am sharing this precious photo of a beautiful baby girl and her mama.