Life Stories: The story of tradition.

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I have fond memories of going to the Christmas Tree farm every year with my parents. Being an only child, I almost always got to choose which tree we got. It is a little harder, of course, to get three kids to agree on a tree. We go every year (minus the two years we lived in New Mexico), rain or shine, and cut down our own tree. Afterwards we have hot chocolate 
and candy canes and eventually decorate the tree. 
It's one of my favorite days of the year. 

Off to start the search...

Maybe THAT is the one!

Okay, those trees are definitely too tall. 

Once we all agreed on the tree, our middle son (age 10) cut it down. This is the first year one of the kids has done it. It was bittersweet.

What did the other kids do, while waiting? 
Playing hide-and-seek, of course!


In an effort to get in more photos, I took this. 
I know, I know...you're amazed at my skills as a portrait photographer. 
Yeah, I get that a lot. 

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Photography of Connecticut!


Salem Family Photographer | Beautiful Mom Surrounded By Boys.

I loved photographing this blended family. 
One might expect all these boys to be difficult. 
Nope! Not at all. 
They were all very cooperative (and handsome)! 


Salem Family Photographer | Little Dude and Family

Had a fun holiday mini session with this family.
It was raining, but the session was still a success. 
We simply found cover under trees and a bridge. 


{If you recognize this mama, it's because she's one of my make up 
artists, as well as a part time assistant for portrait sessions.}


Retro Rewind: Yashica Mat-124g | Salem Film Photographer

Welcome to Retro Rewind!

What is Retro Rewind, you ask?

Retro Rewind is a blog series, put on by a select group 
of photographers. Each month we will post about our experiments with 
antique, vintage, and retro cameras and/or old film. The interpretation 
of the project is very liberal and each member of the group will 
likely have very different results. 

Each member will include a link to another member's blog at the end of their post. By clicking on each link, you will eventually make a complete circle!

I, personally, have a relatively large collection of old cameras (25-30). Some are only a couple of decades old, while 
others are closer to a century old. 

I'm starting the project out with a camera that is currently in my camera bag and used on sessions. I'm still learning how to use it and have a ways to go, but I have to say that so far I love this camera! 

Brand: Yashica
Model: Mat-124 G
Film type: 120 (medium format)
Years of Production: (produced from 1970-1986)

Film Used for this blog post: Kodak t-max 400

Here is a photo of the camera, taken with my DSLR.

   I added a some filters to the b&w film image on this one (in photoshop).

This one has some texture added to it. 

Here is what the camera looks like when it is in use. 
It is a twin-lens reflect and the view finder is on top of the camera, so you look down into it. These were all taken with my iPhone. 

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