Appreciate the "in between" shots.

When taking photos of your kids, don't put the camera down once you get that perfectly posed shot. A lot of the best moments are the outtakes or the in between shots.
Learn to embrace it!

Once were done with some practice shots, I snapped these of my middle son giggling up a storm, but trying so hard to stop.


Lesson Learned With Gorgeous Baby J.

I could not WAIT to photograph baby J, because, DUH, he is gorgeous!

Look at him!

As it turns out, though, waking a toddler at 7pm for a
photo shoot is not the best idea.

"Uh, lady, are you serious?"

Unfortunately I only got a few shots, before THIS action went down.

Well, wouldn't you know it, though, he's still
cute even when he's crying.
Unfortunately this was an out of state session that could not be re-scheduled, but there's always next year!
I think we'll do a morning session.