Lesson Learned With Gorgeous Baby J.

I could not WAIT to photograph baby J, because, DUH, he is gorgeous!

Look at him!

As it turns out, though, waking a toddler at 7pm for a
photo shoot is not the best idea.

"Uh, lady, are you serious?"

Unfortunately I only got a few shots, before THIS action went down.

Well, wouldn't you know it, though, he's still
cute even when he's crying.
Unfortunately this was an out of state session that could not be re-scheduled, but there's always next year!
I think we'll do a morning session.


  1. Oh girl, only you could make a crying baby look fabulous! Seriously kids are so hard, LOL He is gorgeous, I think that first shot was worth the whole session!

  2. Oh, poor little guy! He is gorgeous, tears and all!

  3. i still love these!!! and your are absolutely right - he is beautiful!

  4. Oh my he's so cute!! His little face, even crying, is just adorable!

  5. How is it possible that a crying baby can still be to cute? And I'm impressed that you can capture cuteness even in through the tears! Love these!

  6. The most ironic thing about images like this though is that they are real. I treasure my crying ones just as much as the smiling ones... ;)


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