Destination Las Vegas . . . Little Black Dress.

I had the privilege of photographing this beautiful woman in Las Vegas recently. She totally rocked her little black dress, which just seemed so appropriate for Las Vegas. 


Salem Wedding Photographer . . . Gorgeous Victorian Location.

 I had the privilege of second shooting for the amazing Amber Anderson (www.amberandersonphotography.com) earlier this summer. The union of these two teachers 
took place at a gorgeous victorian mansion right in the heart of Portland. 

First Look...

You may kiss the bride...

Amber found this sweet little pocket of light. 
The woman is the light whisperer, I swear!

First Dance...

I snapped these at the end of the night. The mansion was just 
breathtaking once the sun went down and it was all lit up. 


Salem Family Photographer . . . Featured!

I have a photo over at Let the Kids Dress Themselves today! If you're not already following their blog, you need to start! It's all that is fun about photography, kids, and family.

 Click HERE to check it out!


Salem Portrait Photographer . . . A GIRL AND HER BIKE.

Christina is not only adorable, but she's quite talented when it comes to working on and restoring old bikes. I think her appreciation for these old bikes rivals mine for old cameras, so I kinda get it!