No snow here!

We have seen NO snow here in Salem, Oregon.
In fact, it's a sunny 50 degrees outside right now, at 9:30am. 
The closest we've been to snow was some frost.
I took these on a frosty morning a week or two ago.


Salem Fine Art Portrait Photographer | Getting Weird.

You'll be seeing some "different" type of sessions this year.
As part of a new portrait service, I am offering uniquely stylized sessions, which result in fine art portraits. 


Funeral Photography

I've started another business, called Kel Ward Memorial Photography. 
I will be offering b&w photojournalistic style photography for funerals, memorials, and wakes. Whether it's a tragic loss, a celebration of life, or both, it deserves to be documented and remembered. Photographs last forever. 


10 mile project

For fun, I am joining another blog circle called the 10 mile project. 
It was started by Chris Kandel and is an awesome idea. 
You simply drive exactly 10 miles from your house or your work and take an interesting photo. At the end of each blog post, there will be a link to another 10 mile blog post. Eventually, after clicking on all of the links, you'll be back where you started! Photographers of all level are participating and should be a lot of fun! 

So, I started driving out to the country.
I have to admit that 10 miles is a LOT further than I thought it would be.
I found myself in a very drab, boring area. 
So, I had to get creative.

Next in line is Chris Kandel from New York. 


Salem Family Photographer | Family Time in B&W

Once upon a time there was an adorable family.
They lived together, worked together, and played together.
The smiled and laughed. A lot.
They snuggled and kissed and loved each other with all their hearts. 

I met up with this awesome family at their amazing office in downtown Salem.
Dad was finishing up some work when I got there.

While Mom & Son waited, they read some stories...

And ate some snacks...

And told knock knock jokes...

And gave smooches...

And, of course, made silly faces...

Finally, it was time for some family togetherness. 

Everyone stares at Mom in amazement because she is just that awesome.

One on one time with Dad...

If you are interested in an all black & white photo session, they are currently available at a discounted rate. Please contact me for details.