Portland Childbirth Photographer | Twins!

I missed yet another birth, due to an emergency c-section taking place before I arrived at the hospital. We had gotten the approval for me to be in the operating room with these twins for their scheduled c-section, but Mom's water broke a few weeks early and they took her back for an emergency cesarean about two minutes before I arrived. TWO MINUTES!

Waiting for news...

Dad finally came out with the news that one baby was in the NICU with breathing problems and that the other was with mom. 

I was allowed to go into the NICU to photography one of the two boys.
He was surprisingly plump (nearly 7 pounds) with chubby 
cheeks and my goodness was he cute!!

Shortly after the NICU visit, I was allowed to visit mom and the other baby boy in recovery. I felt a little guilty, as the rest of the family had to wait, but hey, I had a job to do! 

And what do you know...ANOTHER adorable baby!

After some more waiting, Mom was moved to her own room and family was allowed to see her and meet the other baby (they'd already gotten to visit the NICU).



Look at how big the two sisters/aunts are smiling!

Grandma checking out the little guy...

Another grandma...




Aunt & Uncle.

More swooning by an aunt...

Did I mention that these babies were born on my husband's birthday? 
He was even born at the SAME hospital (as was one of our babies).
If you are interested in having your childbirth experience documented, please contact me at kel@kelwardphotography.com. I offer coverage for births in hospitals, birthing centers, at home, and even cesarean births. 


Portland Newborn Photographer | Lifestyle Newborn Session.

As some of you may know, I "quit" doing newborn sessions a 
couple of years ago.I just felt the the posed naked baby stuff was not my style and I wasn't being true to the artist in me, so I took a break.  

Well, I've figured out my style in regards to newborns and am now 
accepting clients again! I will be offering black & white lifestyle 
sessions only.If you are interested in booking a 
newborn session, please contact me BEFORE your baby is born. 

I am so honored to have been able to photograph this new family. I was scheduled to photograph their birth, but an emergency c-section prevented me from getting there in time. So, to be able to photograph their 
son this way was awesome. 

This little guy was crazy-cute with loads of blond hair. He was very mellow and content, which just made my job so much easier. Not to mention their adorable basset Hound, Edmond, who got in a few shots. 



Salem Family Photographer | What to wear - Earthy.

Bright and colorful isn't for everyone and earth tones make for very pretty photos. Each of these pieces can be purchased at Nordstrom.com. 


Salem Photographer | 10 mile project.

The concept is simple. Drive 10 miles from your house or your place 
of employment and take a photo. Preferably an interesting one. Well, I 
drove 10 miles and ended up in a boring suburban neighborhood, so I took 
a photo of the most interesting thing I could find. Maybe next time 
I won't wait until the last minute!

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