Salem Family Photographer | Fall time giggles.

This family was full of giggles during their family 
session this past fall. I've known this family for years and 
enjoy them every time we do a session! 


Life Stories: The Story of Turning Seven.

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My youngest turned 7 this month! I don't have any baby pictures of him on my computer (I was still shooting film when he was a baby), but here are a few of snapshots that I do have handy. 

I think he was about 2 here. 

He was about 2.5 here. I miss his blonde curls. 

He was about 3.5 here. 
On this evening, he was running around outside in his pajamas, picking blackberries (which are all over his face).  

Took this on his 5th birthday.

And here he is now, a big old 7 year old. 
I let him choose his outfit and said he could do whatever he wanted for his birthday photos. He chose to wear his new skinny jeans and read some of his favorite books. 

 About a week after his birthday, he lost his first top-front tooth (you can see the two bottom ones that he'd already lost, growing in). He was SO excited to have it fall out and I was relieved that it finally happened, as 
it was getting ridiculous.


Fine Art Photography | Abandoned.

This building was abandoned by people, but it seems that these vines have taken a liking to it. So, I guess it's not really abandoned, is it?

Just a reminder to stop and enjoy the little things. 


Salem Fine Art Photographer | Me time.

I recently took a weekend trip to Astoria, Oregon. 
By myself.
Yes, BY. MY. SELF. 

And it was glorious! 

We used to live there, but the only purpose for this 
trip was for me to get some quality "me time" and relax. 

I took a few shots shortly before sunset.

 I stumbled across this amazing antique store. 
I don't know if it just did not exist when I lived in Astoria, or if it is new. If it was there, I don't know how I missed it! 

I bet I sat and watched the sea lions for an hour, if not longer. 
They are SO funny! 

I also brought along my Yashica (as seen here) with me for some practice.


Retro Rewind: Sabre 620

It's Retro Rewind Wednesday!

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This month, I shot with a Sabre 620, which is available in a 
variety of colors, including mint green, red, blue, beige, black, 
brown marble, and possibly others. I only own the beige and the 
black models, but would love to collect more!

Brand/Model: Sabre 620 
film type/size: 620 (medium format)
Years of production: 1956-1972 (by Shaw-Harrison)
Film used for this blog post: Kodak t-max 400

Here is what the camera looks like. The circle in the center is where the lens is located and the square at the top is the view finder. As you can see, they don't exactly line up. 
This can make for interesting compositions. Or not.

This is the camera, apart, ready for film to be loaded. 
As you can see, it's a VERY basic plastic box camera. Because it's 
so simple in design, negative scratches are a common occurrence, as 
the film can scrape on things when winding.

Here are a few photos that I took with the camera. 
If you're interested in shooting with a Sabre, I recommend having a lot of light or using 800-3200 speed film. I am not positive, but I believe the shutter speed is around 1/50 second and the aperture is around f/5.6. I had a hard time finding the answer to this when I researched the camera. 

Here is a fun little light leak, which makes this image interesting. My friends, who were with me at a haunted cemetery when I took this, insist it's a ghost. If so, I think we should name him Kodak. 
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