Retro Rewind: Sabre 620

It's Retro Rewind Wednesday!

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This month, I shot with a Sabre 620, which is available in a 
variety of colors, including mint green, red, blue, beige, black, 
brown marble, and possibly others. I only own the beige and the 
black models, but would love to collect more!

Brand/Model: Sabre 620 
film type/size: 620 (medium format)
Years of production: 1956-1972 (by Shaw-Harrison)
Film used for this blog post: Kodak t-max 400

Here is what the camera looks like. The circle in the center is where the lens is located and the square at the top is the view finder. As you can see, they don't exactly line up. 
This can make for interesting compositions. Or not.

This is the camera, apart, ready for film to be loaded. 
As you can see, it's a VERY basic plastic box camera. Because it's 
so simple in design, negative scratches are a common occurrence, as 
the film can scrape on things when winding.

Here are a few photos that I took with the camera. 
If you're interested in shooting with a Sabre, I recommend having a lot of light or using 800-3200 speed film. I am not positive, but I believe the shutter speed is around 1/50 second and the aperture is around f/5.6. I had a hard time finding the answer to this when I researched the camera. 

Here is a fun little light leak, which makes this image interesting. My friends, who were with me at a haunted cemetery when I took this, insist it's a ghost. If so, I think we should name him Kodak. 
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  1. Very cool -- I love the retro style of the camera and the images are so cool! Very vintage!

  2. These are super cool! LOVE the texture of the scratches, too. Like, a lot.

  3. Oh wow Kel!!! Those images are absolutely STUNNING - loving the scratches and all!! Can't wait to see what images you show next month!

  4. Love how you also take images of the camera! These images are gorgeous!


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