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I have fond memories of going to the Christmas Tree farm every year with my parents. Being an only child, I almost always got to choose which tree we got. It is a little harder, of course, to get three kids to agree on a tree. We go every year (minus the two years we lived in New Mexico), rain or shine, and cut down our own tree. Afterwards we have hot chocolate 
and candy canes and eventually decorate the tree. 
It's one of my favorite days of the year. 

Off to start the search...

Maybe THAT is the one!

Okay, those trees are definitely too tall. 

Once we all agreed on the tree, our middle son (age 10) cut it down. This is the first year one of the kids has done it. It was bittersweet.

What did the other kids do, while waiting? 
Playing hide-and-seek, of course!


In an effort to get in more photos, I took this. 
I know, I know...you're amazed at my skills as a portrait photographer. 
Yeah, I get that a lot. 

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  1. I love these! I tried taking pictures of us picking out our tree but my kiddos kept running around nonstop.

  2. SO fun! The second one is my favorite :)

  3. These are wonderful! I love the shot through the tree!

  4. These are so sweet! I also love the shot through the tree!


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