My new logo!

I would like to give a big shout out to Laura at Diary Sketches (click HERE to visit her Etsy page) for my amazing new custom logo. It's ridiculously personalized, based on photos that I sent her. Those are a few of my actual cameras, one of my real outfits, etc. I used to only be this adorable in my imagination, but now I'm adorable every time I use this logo.



Portland Birth Photographer . . . Daddy's Girl.

I had the privilege of capturing a new life entering the world over the weekend. 
This is the first girl in the family, as her older siblings are both boys.
I captured this shot of her, holding onto her Dad's finger, just minutes 
after her birth. Needless to say, it melted my heart. 


Take Your Child To Work Day.

I'm a little late in posting this, but I had a great time on "Take Your Child to Work Day" this year. Of course, as you can see, I didn't take my OWN child. My kids went to work with their dad (according to them, his job is a lot more fun than mine, psshhht.). Miss Erika's dad has a cool job, but was working from home this particular day, so I invited her to join me. Erika is the same age as my middle son, I've been her team manager for DI for a few years, and I'm good friends with her mom. 

I found it beyond adorable to see she'd given herself a 
tattoo that matched mine!

Erika in action.

Some of her photos from our time taking photos at a local park. 
She edited these herself too! 


Portland Portrait Photographer | Wig-tastic.

I snapped this photo of Nikki, my make up artist, before our last boudoir party. It proved to be a fun social experiment, not mentioning anything to the clients about it being a wig. Nobody mentioned her hair at all. Ha! 


Portland Child Photographer | Two.

You may recognize this girl from my post a couple of days ago. She's the big sister to newborn twin boys. She's such a doll, though, that I felt she needed her own blog post. She's only 2, but seems much older. Not only is she tall, but she's very verbal and smart. 

A few film shots...

Lovin' on her mama.