Life Stories: 30 moments in 30 days

Life Stories is a project, involving a group of photographers. 
Once a month, we each post a story about our own lives. 
At the end of each blog post is a link to another photographer. 
By clicking on each link, you'll eventually make a complete circle. 

This month, I decided to capture 30 moments in 30 days. 

Thirty moments at our own house.

I promise you we do leave our house for plenty of activities, but I don't usually have my camera with me. So, for this project, I took these 
photos in our house or in our yard. 

When it came time to post this, I realized I had already forgotten about moments that I'd photographed earlier in the month. That makes me 
kind of sad because it means I'm forgetting millions of 
moments with my children over the years. 

I think that from here on out, I need to make a conscious effort to capture more of the everyday moments. Things that seem mundane now will be wonderful memories later on. 

I encourage you to do the same. It doesn't matter if it's your cell phone or a professional camera, just capture those moments. Laughing at dinner. Wrestling in the living room. Falling asleep, surrounded by 
stuffed animals...capture those moments. 


Salem Lifestyle Photographer | They grow so quickly.

I miss having feet this little in my house. 


Happy Thanksgiving | My own.

Thank you to Azure Marie Photography for 
capturing my family so beautifully! 

Today I am thankful for my family. 



Salem Family Photographer | One Awesome Family.

Yes, this family really is this gorgeous.

You know what else? They are also awesome!

They're funny, fun, and full of love. 
The kids were probably the most cooperative I've ever worked with and I 
really felt like I could have taken photos of them all day. 

Seriously, how cute is this child? 
I wanted to steal her! 
She's also a total ham, which just made her that much more adorable.


Can I just say that I loved how the mom styled her family for this session? I'm a big fan of yellow, blue, and gray and she did such a great job coordinating them, without being too matchy-matchy. 

They were oozing with personality.

I started cracking up, when I turned around to see that the younger two had climbed inside of the chest we'd just used. They were so cute!

We can't forget about the salamander that they found! It was with us for most of the session, either in someone's hand, or near us on the ground. They'd carry it around and then set it down while we took photos. 


Me & My Baby.

A little behind in blogging, but these were taken a 
few months ago, when I visited New Mexico.

My Oscar.

I had a mild heart attack when my friend's husband picked up my (oh so very expensive) camera, but he got this shot, so I decided that I did not care. Nope, not one little bit.

My friend, Kate, took this shot of me.
Yes, there is a similar shot of her, as I was snapping at the same time.



Salem Film Photographer | Simple & Sweet.

Just a few film shots from a session with this gorgeous woman. 
The digital portion of the session can be seen here.


Salem Portrait Photographer | Sneak Peek With Adorable Couple!

I had the chance to photograph this beautiful couple and their children recently. More photos to come, of course, but I couldn't wait to post this. 

Is it just me, or is her hair to die for?!


Salem Lifestyle Photographer | On Location with Little Miss Personality.

Although I'm not technically related to this little sweetheart, she does refer to me as her aunt! She was born into an organic, natural, low maintenance "hippie" type family, but we're all pretty sure she's at least partially related to me. At least in heart. On my recent visit (she lives out of state) I watched her comment and compliment people on their shoes. She would point and say, "Pitty Shoes!" and her little face would just light up. She's obsessed with hats and accessories and will only wear the prettiest dresses. 

She is not even two. 

We started with a little tour of Santa Fe, NM.

Happily holding Mama's hand while looking at all of the 
people and action in the center of town. 

On our way back to the car, she just up and decided she was going to sit on the front step of this little business. It was dark outside, but I was fortunate to have a little bit of window light coming from inside the building.
Seriously, though, how sweet is she?!

I love her soulful eyes and the little birthmark on her nose.

Cheesing it up for me. Gah, she melts my heart!

Back at home.

Smooches for Mama!

"Oh, you want me to sit and look at the camera? How about i walk through this field and ignore you instead?"

 I missed you the moment I got on the plane, little miss Dandelion!


Salem Head Shot Photographer | Beautiful Sneak Peek

While the weather was still warm I did a photo shoot with 
this gorgeous woman! Just a head shot for a sneak peek 
for now, but more to come very soon!


Portland Wedding Photographer | Fun, colorful, and full of love.

 Mike and Morgan had a gorgeous and fun backyard wedding. 
I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Their family and friends were all so nice and inviting towards us. A big THANK YOU to my friend and second shooter, Azure Marie, for helping me with this wedding. You rock!

The details...

Yes, the cupcakes were delicious!

Possibly the cutest cake topper ever!

Getting Ready..

The bride's mother MADE her dress!

The groom gave his bride a diamond tennis bracelet shortly before the ceremony. So sweet!

I love watching the guys try to figure out their tuxedos. There's almost always something that gets them. It's usually the cuff links, but in this case it was the suspenders. 


The bride and groom exchanged letters before the ceremony, without seeing each other. It was incredibly sweet. I have no idea what their letters said, but they both laughed and they both cried, so they must have been good!

A little prayer before the wedding...

The ceremony.

This bride had her husband and her dad in tears, as well as many of the guests. It was so incredibly sweet! 

Lots of laughing throughout the day and the ceremony was no exception!

The Reception.

Bride and groom's first dance...

I was surprised and impressed when the bride danced with her father, as they were clearly experience ballroom dancers. Their dance was gorgeous! Later I saw that her entire family was skilled. 

It was so sweet the way the groom got down with all the little ones!

The guests were having so much fun!

Morgan surprised Mike with a Dodgers garter. His reaction was awesome.

The best man was quite charming, and as you can see, funny.


I loved the back of Morgan's dress. 
She totally had the Marilyn Monroe thing going on. 

This is Toby. 
He belongs to the bride and groom and was a total sweetheart all day.

The night ended with fireworks! 
This was definitely a wedding first for me!

Thank you, Mike and Morgan, for including me in your special day. I had a wonderful time and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!