Life Stories: 30 moments in 30 days

Life Stories is a project, involving a group of photographers. 
Once a month, we each post a story about our own lives. 
At the end of each blog post is a link to another photographer. 
By clicking on each link, you'll eventually make a complete circle. 

This month, I decided to capture 30 moments in 30 days. 

Thirty moments at our own house.

I promise you we do leave our house for plenty of activities, but I don't usually have my camera with me. So, for this project, I took these 
photos in our house or in our yard. 

When it came time to post this, I realized I had already forgotten about moments that I'd photographed earlier in the month. That makes me 
kind of sad because it means I'm forgetting millions of 
moments with my children over the years. 

I think that from here on out, I need to make a conscious effort to capture more of the everyday moments. Things that seem mundane now will be wonderful memories later on. 

I encourage you to do the same. It doesn't matter if it's your cell phone or a professional camera, just capture those moments. Laughing at dinner. Wrestling in the living room. Falling asleep, surrounded by 
stuffed animals...capture those moments. 


  1. These are great, I really need to do better at taking snapshots throughout the month.

  2. I love that football catch shot! You are absolutely right!!!

  3. Love these! What a fun way to capture your month! Dang, you got some awesome shots!

  4. love this!! what a great idea for a life story!!

  5. I love your idea of 30 moments and loved watching all of yours from this month - it looks like you have a creative bunch :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for reminding us about the little moments, Kel. They really are important.

  7. Holy cow, this is such an awesome idea! I may have to do that this week! Thanks for sharing!


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