Salem Lifestyle Photographer | On Location with Little Miss Personality.

Although I'm not technically related to this little sweetheart, she does refer to me as her aunt! She was born into an organic, natural, low maintenance "hippie" type family, but we're all pretty sure she's at least partially related to me. At least in heart. On my recent visit (she lives out of state) I watched her comment and compliment people on their shoes. She would point and say, "Pitty Shoes!" and her little face would just light up. She's obsessed with hats and accessories and will only wear the prettiest dresses. 

She is not even two. 

We started with a little tour of Santa Fe, NM.

Happily holding Mama's hand while looking at all of the 
people and action in the center of town. 

On our way back to the car, she just up and decided she was going to sit on the front step of this little business. It was dark outside, but I was fortunate to have a little bit of window light coming from inside the building.
Seriously, though, how sweet is she?!

I love her soulful eyes and the little birthmark on her nose.

Cheesing it up for me. Gah, she melts my heart!

Back at home.

Smooches for Mama!

"Oh, you want me to sit and look at the camera? How about i walk through this field and ignore you instead?"

 I missed you the moment I got on the plane, little miss Dandelion!


  1. Selfishly, my first comment is about how beautiful you made me look. You work wonders!

    We all know she missed you, too. "I wan' talk aunt Kay-yi". These are stunning and melt my heart.


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