It's getting cold!

Unlike may places, we have not yet had a snow fall.
We have, however, had a few frosty mornings that were just beautiful!


Mama's Girls | Salem Family Photographer

I've known this Mom for years and years. She's one of my dearest friends and I just adore her little girls! We met up recently for a mini "Mommy and Me" style mini session and it was so fun!

I still don't know what she said, but I loved the response!

Sisterly love.

They cracked me up when they insisted on doing this
old school pose with these serious faces!


Appreciate the "in between" shots.

When taking photos of your kids, don't put the camera down once you get that perfectly posed shot. A lot of the best moments are the outtakes or the in between shots.
Learn to embrace it!

Once were done with some practice shots, I snapped these of my middle son giggling up a storm, but trying so hard to stop.


Lesson Learned With Gorgeous Baby J.

I could not WAIT to photograph baby J, because, DUH, he is gorgeous!

Look at him!

As it turns out, though, waking a toddler at 7pm for a
photo shoot is not the best idea.

"Uh, lady, are you serious?"

Unfortunately I only got a few shots, before THIS action went down.

Well, wouldn't you know it, though, he's still
cute even when he's crying.
Unfortunately this was an out of state session that could not be re-scheduled, but there's always next year!
I think we'll do a morning session.


Sneak Peek from a recent senior session!

Just a sneak peek from yesterday's session.

Sorry, girls, he's taken!
I got to meet and photograph his gorgeous girlfriend too!


Miss Hannah at the Orchard (contest winner)!

Little Miss Hanna's mom entered an idea for a recent
contest that I held on Facebook. Her idea was to do a shoot with her
little one at a u-pick blueberry farm. Well, my schedule didn't allow
us to do the session before the blueberry season was over, so
we shot at an orchard instead (that was her second idea).

As it just so happens, Hannah's first birthday was just a few days
after our session and her birthday party theme was apples!

How perfect!


Fun Family Beach Session!

I met up with the "S" family for a fun beach session.
I've known the parents for a REALLY long time and the
kids since they were born.

I adore this family!

They're really an all-american family.
Mom was a cheerleader, Dad was a football player and now
the kids are involved with football and cheerleading too!
Plus Mom coaches cheerleading and Dad coaches football!

This December they will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary!

I can her her laugh every time I look at this photo.
This is probably my favorite shot from their session.
She is laughing so hard and I have a genuine smile/laugh from
him too (not an easy task with the husbands)!

Can we say clones?
The girls look JUST like Mom and the boy looks JUST like Dad!

Yes, the girls are twins.
Their brother is only a year older than them, though, so
can you imagine the early years?!

And of course we had to get a traditional portrait.
They chose a similar pose for their 30x40 wall
portrait and it turned out beautifully!
If you would like to schedule a beach session, I will
travel up to 1 hour from Salem at no additional cost.
Lincoln City and Pacific City are both great
locations and within an hour from here!


Pinup Girl!

I was so excited when Miss A inquired about doing a pinup
shot for her husband, who loves old pinup images.

I loved having the opportunity to be creative and
break some rules with photography!

This is the image that she chose for a 20x30 canvas, with
which she surprised her husband!


Carrie & Jon tied the knot!

Yay, it's officially wedding season!

I had a wonderful time photographing the intimate ceremony and
reception for Jon & Carrie ad the Elk Grove Vineyard in Gaston, Oregon.

The location was gorgeous...

Their details were perfect...

The love was felt...

It was a celebration...

Congratulations, Carrie & Jon!


Model Material

Miss J is THE most cooperative 6 year old I've ever
encountered while taking photos.

No joke.

Not only did she follow direction well enough for us to do our
entire session in about 15 minutes, but she is
gorgeous and has stunning eyes!

We ended our session with some fun on the old fashioned swing!


Sneak Peek from a recent wedding!

I apologize for my lack of posts lately...I've been very busy!
This week is no exception, as I'm getting ready to head to
St. Louis, Missouri and Clovis, New Mexico for
a TON of photo sessions!

I couldn't leave, though, without at least posting
something from my recent work.
I took this right after Katie & Rob got married this past weekend!

Congrats to a very adorable couple!


Miss E in a white dress {Part 2}

We decided to meet up at a local park for the second part of Miss E's session in her white dress. The park was full of beautiful flowers and they just made the perfect backdrop for her.