Life Stories: The Story of Turning Seven.

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My youngest turned 7 this month! I don't have any baby pictures of him on my computer (I was still shooting film when he was a baby), but here are a few of snapshots that I do have handy. 

I think he was about 2 here. 

He was about 2.5 here. I miss his blonde curls. 

He was about 3.5 here. 
On this evening, he was running around outside in his pajamas, picking blackberries (which are all over his face).  

Took this on his 5th birthday.

And here he is now, a big old 7 year old. 
I let him choose his outfit and said he could do whatever he wanted for his birthday photos. He chose to wear his new skinny jeans and read some of his favorite books. 

 About a week after his birthday, he lost his first top-front tooth (you can see the two bottom ones that he'd already lost, growing in). He was SO excited to have it fall out and I was relieved that it finally happened, as 
it was getting ridiculous.


  1. He's so cute. Love that Skippyjon Jones shot. My son turns 7 this weekend. Where does the time go? Boo.

  2. He's become such a handsome young man! We love skippy jon jones, it's a favorite in our house too!

  3. Happy birthday sweet boy! He looks so excited about his tooth. :)

  4. Oh happy birthday!! I just love that he picked out his own theme/clothes/etc... fun seeing him as a little dude...makes me want to pull out old photos of my brood.

  5. oh man that 5th birthday picture!!! soooo adorable! and i love the shots with the books!!!

  6. He is so cute! I love that you let him decide how he wanted to do his birthday photos!

  7. My son LOVES Skippy! Wow, he's grown up so much, looks so much older.

  8. We LOVE Skippyjon Jones, too! I can't believe how big he is getting. I remember you sharing his 5th birthday photo-- wasn't it last week? You are such a cool mom for letting him plan his birthday photos.


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