Portland Film Photographer | One seriously awesome kid!

I love it when kids are confident and have style. I love it even more when they're also awesome on the inside and this girl most certain is!

She is smart, creative, funny, and so generous and kind.

Her family recently had an emergency situation occur at their 
home and while the adults were trying to assess the situation and decide what to do, she'd already found a phone and dialed 911. 
I think it's safe to say she'll go far! 

I had a great time photographing her in downtown 
Portland with some expired 35mm film. 


  1. Just beautiful Kel!! As a fellow lover of film I absolutely adore seeing film images and what a gorgeous little girl too!!

  2. This little lady definitely has style... She's beautiful and you captured some amazing images of her!

  3. What a stunning young lady! She looks so carefree, yet smart and sassy! Her eyes are stunning - definitely going to break some hearts!

  4. WOW! These images just drawn me in. The model and her style as well as the look and feel of the film images. Perhaps it is the tremendous use of light as well. Can I just say that you rock???

  5. Gorgeous work Kel. I adore film too. These are wonderful. I especially love the shot of her looking up. Wow, that moves me.

  6. love the close up one taken from above and the next one where she is looking up! gorgeous work!

  7. Is it totally inappropriate to say she's badass?


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