Photographing the Ordinary.

Every now and then I do what I refer to as a "walkabout," a term I learned from my college photography instructor, mel buffinton. At the time I don't think I really "got it" so to speak, but I certainly do now! Sometimes I go with a friend or a group friends and sometimes I go by myself. Sometimes I go to cool and interesting places and walk for miles. Other times I walk around a block in an interesting area. 
Heck, sometimes I don't even leave my own yard!

This particular day was a trip with my friend, Dan, to Albany, OR. 
We only had to walk a few blocks to get some cool shots. Then we spent the rest of the day chatting about all kinds of thing and eating lunch. 

Why, yes, those are perm rods. In the middle of the road. 
I guess someone did a perm-n-run? Drive by perming? 
Who knows, but it definitely caught my eye.

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