Salem Family Photographer | Life Stories: The Pumpkin Patch

So, what does "life stories" mean?

Well, I just joined a group of photographers in a project called Life Stories. On the last Friday of each month, we tell a personal story in photographs. Each blog post links to another photographer's blog post, until it makes a full circle. Because we're often so busy with clients, this ensures that we document the lives of our 
own families, at least once a month. 

So, for my first month I'm doing the pumpkin patch, of course! It is a tradition in our family to go to the pumpkin patch every year. We started when our oldest was just a baby and have gone every single year since then. We've lived in various parts of Oregon, as well as in New Mexico, and we've always managed to find awesome little family owned pumpkin patches. 

This is "our" pumpkin patch, here in Salem. It's located at Fordyce Farms. There are bigger and more exciting farms out there, for sure, but we love this one. It's never busy and there's still plenty for the kids to do. 

First things first...find our pumpkins!

It didn't take the kids long to find the perfect ones.

Yes, my oldest son, Kayden, is wearing my yellow polka dotted rain boots, which are 2 sizes too small for him. I offered the up, jokingly, but he was happy to wear them! He is awesome like that. The kids all took "coffee" in commuter mugs, as it was a cold day (ahem, hot chocolate). 

Karson, my middle son, looks awfully comfortable, doesn't he?

The rule is that they have to carry it themselves to the wheelbarrow without any help. As the kids get bigger, though, so do their pumpkins! Oscar found the perfect pumpkin, don't you think?

My handsome boys!

This is a tradition. I have gotten this shot every year for the past 4 yrs. At the same pumpkin patch. This is, by far, the most 
cooperative they've been for the shot. 

Wait, who is that crazy lady in the pink hat? Why that is ME! 
Our photography community recently lost a special woman, who was also a mother. It was a very sad day for so many people and it really hit close to home for me. I decided that from that point on, I was going to be in more photos with my kids. I hate having my photo taken (HATE. IT.), but you know what? It's not about me. It's about capturing memories for my kids. I'm always there, but looking back, how are they going to remember that without photos? They won't care that my hair was a mess, that I wasn't wearing make up, or that I'm 40 pounds overweight. They'll just care that I was there. 
So, is this the perfect photo? Oh, heck no! Aside from my own flaws, one kid has his eyes semi-closed, one is covering his head, and the other is squinting, but for US it is perfect. 

And hey, now they have a photo of their PARENTS. Together! In the SAME photo! (yes, I let my 10yr old use my super expensive camera)

There they are! Five glorious pumpkins. 
Soon to be jack-o-lanterns.

I love it when the kids decide which photos NEED to be taken. I usually humor them and then they never get seen. Not this time! I loved the clouds and the drama mixed with some humor.

The pumpkin patch has a corn maze. I don't like corn mazes. They freak me out. Not only do I get lost, but I am quite certain that monsters live in there. So...they went through the maze with Dad. 

What on earth did I do while they were in the corn maze? 
I took photos!

The farm still had some flowers in bloom!

My kids were in there somewhere. With the monsters.

Finally, they got to play on the hay pyramid. It has tunnels on the ground floor, as well as up on the "second story."

Jumping off from high up is obviously lots of fun. The landing area is padded with lots and lots of hay, making it quite soft. It does not, however, keep me from getting nervous about their jumping from so high up.

And after the jumping they went and checked out the animals (alpacas, horses, goats), and then went on some pony rides. I, however, had already put my camera away, since I thought we were dong. Oops!

Next in line for the life stories series is San Francisco Bay area family photographer, Laura Morita Photography.


  1. What a FUN story. I'm glad you got into the picture! I love the hay jumping pictures (and I'm totally with you on the corn maze.. I got lost in one once).

  2. You guys look like you had a blast on your pumpkin day! Can I say how bad I am about being in pictures with my own kids? Umm yeah you've motivated me to start being in front of the camera more.

  3. Kelly!!! These are FANTASTIC!!!! You are a welcome addition to Life Stories!!! Love these so much!

  4. A} I can't believe I missed this; I've only been waiting for it FOR-EH-VER!
    B} It was sooooo fun until you got to the mom picture, then you made me cry. You're so beautiful!
    C} Wish we were there.

  5. Loooove these! I love the tradition, the fun, and that you got out from behind that camera. :) Looking forward to seeing more of you and your boys in the Life Stories Circle. Welcome!

  6. This was such an awesome post! I loved reading all of it and your images are so FUN!


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