Salem Portrait Photographer | Coolest eyes ever.

I love eyes. Love them. All colors. All shapes. 
I love how different they all are.
I swear that almost every time I do a photo session I think that my 
client has the best eyes I've ever seen. This kid, however, really DOES 
have the coolest eyes I've ever seen! He is friends with one of my 
kids and was kind enough to let me snap a couple of quick shots of him while they were running around outside. 

One of his parents has brown eyes and one has blue eyes.
He told me that when he was born that one of his eyes was green, but has since changed (I can't remember if it was the brown or blue). 


  1. Awesome! I love that these are just random photos, that you can tell he was playing by the sweat on his chops, LOL. His eyes are too cool!

  2. Okay, these are awesome!! Those eyes! Amazing.

  3. love it...how cool to have such beautiful eyes.

  4. I have the same eyes :) Just instead of my mum having two different colored eyes she has changing color eyes.


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