Family Portrait Photographer | Red Rock Session | Las Vegas

This family is awesome. Just awesome.
I photographed them in Las Vegas, as we were all in town at the same time and it just worked out so nicely. 
We were even able to get grandma in on the session! 
Of course I can relate to them, as they have three boys like us. 
Such a nice family, sweet and funny kids, 
and they're all so good looking! 

I love this shot. Love it!

The baby. 
Oh my gosh, he was so cute and I just love his eyes! 
They were so sparkly, especially for brown eyes (which are my favorite, but shhh, don't tell my blue eyed husband or my three blue eyed children).

The oldest. 
I just love his laid back attitude and sweet nature.

The middle child. 
He is SO much like my middle child, I couldn't believe it. 
This kid was a riot. Such a ham.

Haha, loved this shot! Silly boys.

 They were such a ridiculously cute couple!

All the boys.

I don't remember what was so funny, but boy did I get mother and 
daughter laughing! I think this is just so cute!

Hanging with Grandma.

They were so happy when I said they could do crazy jumps off the big rocks. 

I think this is so sweet because he didn't know I was photographing him 
and it just screams "childhood" to me. He is so cute!

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