Salem Fine Art Photographer | A day with film.

Every now and then I make time for myself. 

Sometimes it's shopping. 
Sometimes it's getting a pedicure. 
Sometimes it's just begging out in the backyard. 

Sometimes, though, it's me driving around in the car with the music on and stopping every so often to take photos. One day, last fall (yes, I'm slow when it comes to getting film developed, scanned, and blogged) I did just this with my trusty 35mm camera. For anyone interested, these were all taken on the same roll of Ilford Delta 400. 


  1. Very cool!! Love the fence and flower.

  2. Very nice! I love that you are shooting with film too! And I'm a little jealous too:)

  3. These are so neat! You have an incredible eye for fine art - LOVE the mailbox, barn and especially the barbed wire.

  4. So complicated. I cannot handle film. This is proof I'll never be a photographer, thank you!


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