Back to School | Salem Portrait Photographer

My children went back to school today!

I had the brilliant idea, though, of taking their back to school photos yesterday! The first day is always a little hectic and rushed and it's all I can do to get a cell phone pic of each kid (which I did) so I thought this might be a little easier. 

Kayden is getting so darn lanky. I swear he's all limbs these days!
He came home in a good mood, quite happy with his new class schedule. He is most excited about his cooking class (as am I).

Yes, that is a scab on Oscar's forehead. He managed to split his head open about a week and a half before school started. He was happy to not have to wear a bandaid on the first day. This is his first year of going to school all day and seems rather indifferent about it. 

Karson was not overly excited about going back to school, but seemed to be in a good enough mood afterwards. He obviously did not get his fashion sense from me...look at those vertical stripes with the horizontal stripes! Sigh. 

Clients...Please do not dress your children like this for group photos! 
I obviously let them dress themselves and we hadn't planned on getting a group shot. Despite their clashing outfits, though, I am in love with this photo and it will most definitely be gracing my walls. 
OMG, my kids are getting so old (and so handsome)!

I can't leave out the cat.
This is one reason I don't do photo shoots for clients at my house (the other reason being that my house is never clean enough!). I've tried in the past and every single time, at least one of our cats ends up following us around and even climbing ON my props and clients.


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