Traveling Portrait Photographer | Beauty in the Southwest.

I had the privilege of shooting this gorgeous woman in 
Santa Fe, NM last month. She is sweet, funny, and smart. I had my youngest child with me and she brought him a treat! How awesome is that?! 
Yeah, he pretty much thought she hung the moon after that.

Thank you, Santana!

Santana is a sign language interpreter and I'm pretty sure I caught her signing to a friend off camera. She intermittently adds signs while she is talking and I am not even sure she realizes she does it. 


  1. Oh my this girl is gorgeous!! I love the eyelash shot and the ones in the sun...every single images is beautiful!

  2. She is a beauty! I love her brilliant eyes and her soulful eyes! Incredible portraits, Kel!

  3. I just gasped. Wow, Kelly! Let's do it again.

  4. Holy, Beautiful!!! Gorgeous photos, and girl!

  5. Wow! Such an amazingly beautiful young woman and your work is just gorgeous! wow! I had to say it again!

  6. Kel, these are GORGEOUS! The lighting and clarity are stunning, as are her eyes.


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