Salem Wedding Photographer . . . Vow Renewal.

This is a little personal for me, but here goes…

Today is my 15th wedding anniversary. 

This post, however, was scheduled ahead of time, as we are preparing to celebrating our anniversary at the beach, where we fell in love (hence the beach themed rings in the following photos). 

On a warm and sunny, but rainy September evening, my husband and I renewed our vows. Just the two of us, in our own backyard, reading words we had written ourselves. No guests, no children, just the two of us. With our favorite songs playing through the outdoor speakers, we exchanged words and rings. We reflected on the fun-filled past, reminded each other how awesome the present is, and talked about how amazing the future will be. No details, no party, just two people madly in love. Still. 

After reading our vows, we walked to the field next door, had a few drinks, listened to more music, and snapped a few photos. For anyone who is curious, we used a tripod and a remote for both the ceremony and the field shots.

I love photographing weddings. I enjoy capturing the details, the interactions at the reception, the guests, etc. At the end of the day, though, the thing I love the most is... love. My favorite part of photographing a wedding is pulling the bride and groom aside and photographing just the two of them together. I love capturing those first moments as newlyweds and to see them wildly in love, as they start their new life together. It reminds me of my own wedding and how I felt on that day and how I feel today, fifteen years later. 
I wish all of my brides and grooms a marriage as amazing as ours.

To my husband, Ben… I love you more than words can say. 


  1. Are you kidding me??!!! I love everything about this! I love that you did it privately, seems so much more romantic! The pictures are beautiful! PS, Loving your hair!

  2. Kel!! How precious that you all decided to do this and you were able to capture it all yourself! I love it.

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  4. These are so adorable. Congratulations! It's awesome you were able to capture the images yourself! I love the intimacy.

  5. oh my gosh. I love this! so so romantic and i think it was even better that it was just to two of you. so so intimate. here's to many many more years of happiness!

  6. Awww these are so sweet. It makes me want to do a vow renewal with my hubby!


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