Retro Rewind | Keystone Auto Instant 125x

This Retro Rewind post is a little different.
Why? Because I did not take these images. 
I found the film an antique shop in Salem, OR with film already in it! The roll was finished, but obviously old. 
I took it to Photo Vision lab in Salem, OR for processing and then scanned the images myself. I really wasn't expecting to see anything on the negatives, but sure enough, there were people who appeared to have been photographed in the 1970s! The quality is not great, but the people are easily recognizable. 
I would LOVE to try and find the people in these images, so please feel free to share this blog post! The more people that see it, the better.

Camera: Keystone Auto-Instant 125x
Film: 126 cartridge film
Produced: 1970
Developing: Photo Vision

I figure whoever is in that belly is close to my age now!

If you know who these people are, please email me at:

I'd love to get these negatives to you!

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