Salem Wedding Photographer | Bridal Portraits.

I love doing bridal sessions. 
They can be done prior to the wedding, after the wedding, for an anniversary, vow renewal, or in place of an engagements session (which is included in two of my wedding collections). This session was done at a beautiful local park, here in Salem. 


  1. Kel these are sooooo gorgeous!! I absolutely LOVE the first three are my favorites. The close up of her hands holding the flowers is divine. Love her nail art. So cool!

  2. Kel, these are amazing! She is stunning! LOVE the 2nd image!

  3. My goodness. THis young lady is made for the camera! These are gorgeous!

  4. I could have sworn I commented on this ages ago, but evidently I commented only in my head. I love and adore the shot that's through the green.


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