Salem Childbirth Photographer . . . Lucas.

Wow, what a whirlwind of a birth this was!

I headed to the hospital, despite mom only being 2-3 cm. I had childcare taken care of and figured why not? I took my time, got a coffee on the way (you know, in preparation of a long night).

When I arrived, Mom was already 4cm and counting.

The next thing we knew, Lucas was coming! 

No time to break the bed down or anything. The midwife flew in, got as ready as she could, and BAM, he was born! It could not have been more than 5 minutes after I got to the room. 

According to the medical staff, she went from 4cm to baby in arms in 18 minutes!

As you can see, Lucas was very expressive, making all kinds of adorable and funny facial expressions. I was also thrilled to have been able to capture shots of his older siblings meeting him for the first time. 

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